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When we’re looking to join a new bingo site, whether we’re seasoned veterans of the bingo world or newcomers who just want to give it a try, there are a number of different factors that will determine what we consider to be a good bingo site and also how likely we think our chances of winning are.

Big Sites

With bigger bingo sites there tends to be a sense of security that comes with signing up to their rooms. Companies like Gala, Mecca and even big brands that aren’t necessarily associated with bingo such as Sky have websites where you can play. The thing is that all registered sites are legally responsible for looking after you, so you should be safe wherever you play, as long as they’re licensed by their local authority, such as the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta.


Big Downside

The problem with the larger bingo sites is that there can be a smaller chance of winning if there are lots of players in the same room as you. The more players you have in a room, the less chance you have of winning, simply because there is a higher chance that people will get a full house called before you because of the bigger variation in numbers.

Another downside is that they don’t really need any large incentives to get people involved as the chances are they’ve already heard of the main bingo sites. Bigger companies will generally not have to try as hard to get people involved in their games, which is bad for the player.
Small sites

Smaller sites have a less grand marketing budget, meaning they have to really take some time to think about how to get their potential customers involved. This extends to things like huge incentives, regular tournaments, and a personalised service to suit the customer, which is what you are to them, after all. If you want to have a go with some of these incentives then play online bingo bingocams.com to see what they can offer.

Do smaller rooms mean bigger wins?

Because you’ll generally have less players to a room in smaller bingo sites, there’s a smaller chance that someone will have the right sequence of numbers before you. This is a pretty important factor when choosing the right bingo site as, beside any other reasons, you’re there to win.


While there are obvious downsides for big bingo sites, there are no real bad points to small ones. The only discernible negative factor is that bingo is a game of chance, so you’re never actually guaranteed to win, but that exists no matter what site you use, so it’s not something you should have to worry about.


To conclude, smaller sites win hands down. The only situation you would realistically join one of the big corporate sites is if you’re friends had joined that one previously and you want to be part of their group. If that’s the case, it may be worth joining that room for a while, just for long enough to convince them to get on a smaller site with you.